I’m back from a week and a half long break from work. Visited Boracay and Hong Kong, squeezed in a video shoot for Mr Fredy Kosman (an honour!) and now it’s back to my desk. Also, am feeling rather congested. In through my nose and up to my forehead. My body aches.

I’ve (finally) signed a “proper” contract; many have expressed their surprise at my choice of work, I guess the truth is that through my uni days I tried everything that interested me, and realized that they don’t quite interest me at all.

The truth is that I’m still searching for my calling, and in the meantime I’m happy where I am. I don’t have to deal with politics, or overwhelming personalities; I have the freedom to voice my opinions (or well, I choose to, and they’re okay with that) or keep mum when I feel like it; and also have the flexibility to blog and dance.


It rained (heavily) today.

“A rainy Monday morning… after a long break… is depressing. Let me send you to the office,” said my dad.

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