I will lose weight.

So yeah. I think I will start jogging and paying more attention to my diet because more than one person has been telling me I look “round”. The nice ones say it’s alright, ‘cos I look cute.

But seriously.

This is gonna be hard for me because I just love eating. Cut down on carbs, they say. I also hate math, so if I have to count my carbs, I will be depressed. I guess, keep off the sugars and the starches, eat more veg, fruits and grilled meat. The problem? It’s a major inconvenience to find healthy food in Singapore, and when you do, it’ll cost you. Also, I’d rather spend the time in the morning sleeping than losing sleep to prepare healthy take-aways.

I also hate jogging. I never know what to think about, so I’ll start thinking about my breathing, and pacing, and then because I have an attention span of a housefly, I start getting really really bored after like, 5m…

Gym memberships? Bloody costly.

Writing this down so I’m more likely to commit to it. I WILL WORK SOMETHING OUT. and buy a weighing scale tomorrow.

ganbatte to me.

{edit: next day update: bought a weighing scale. i actually lost weight from the last time i weighed myself. went on a diet anyway – didn’t eat carbs today, but had really bad hunger pangs :<}

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my name is steph. i love cute fluffy things and dancing. my interests include advertising, public relations and internet marketing. i hate writing about myself.

2 thoughts on “I will lose weight.

  1. swimming could be an alternative to jogging? as for what to think… just let your mind wander! or perhaps you could listen to music as you jog.

    I’ve never liked the idea of specific diets, or counting calories… I think it’s enough to make sure you don’t snack or drink drinks-besides-water on a regular basis. of course, more veg is always good. but maybe I can afford to not care about diets and calories because I’m not a big eater to begin with.

    • thanks for the tips!

      i don’t know, i’m so lazy right, getting to the pool takes too much time and effort lol! yeah, i can’t really be bothered to count calories. am becoming more aware of the things i put into my body though.

      good that you’re a small eater… i need to learn to get there!

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