Scholl Qtto Compression Stockings

OK I actually bought this pricey piece of hosiery after reading reviews online. It cost me a little under $50 from Watsons.

Marketing line – “gradual compression while sleeping, for instantly lighter and slimmer looking legs the next day!”

Apparently for some it has a slimming effect (something about water retention) – thighs and calves could go down by as much as 1 inch by the morning! (But they’d… expand? and return to their original size by the end of the day.) I’d unabashedly admit I have chunky legs, which was another reason why I bought this, but I haven’t really gotten down to buying a measuring tape to verify the slimming effect. Also, it’s not visible lah.

It’s also said to improve the appearance of varicose veins

I would, however, like to laud it for “soothing” my legs after a day of dance or walking in heels. You know the feeling after hardcore dance pracs you feel like the weight of your body has sunk into your legs? Or when you’re walking in heels and your legs are just crying out for mercy? Scholl’s stockings are like, a way for me to give my legs a hug in gratitude of their hard work. It’s a little tighter than normal pantyhose but I kinda like the snug feeling and I feel like I really do wake up with refreshed, “lighter” legs.

Worth the $50, I would say, if you constantly suffer from tired and heavy legs.

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