So right, I read this gleaming review of Saveur (pronounced sah-vere), which had just relocated to Purvis Street, that had got me all excited about affordable French fare.

Of course I grabbed QY and insisted we had dinner there. But hor, maybe my expectations were too high. :<

1. Expect to wait, which is okay lah

2. The ventilation there is not good, the whole place smells like oil

3. Food fell short

Here’s what we had:

Pan Fried Foie Gras With Lentil And Pickled Onion 35g, $7.90

i’ve never tasted foie gras like this… it was kinda dry and lumpy :<

Angel Hair Pasta with Sherry Minced Pork and Sakura Ebi, $3.90

According to the review at rubbisheatrubbishgrow, it’s “wonderfully balanced”. I felt the flavors were slightly too subtle, and the angel hair pasta was slightly too overcooked as well.

Confit Of Duck With Orange Segment And Sauté Shittake, $8.90

Wasn’t too bad. Duck meat was a tad too dry. Bed of mash contained chunks of salt – not a very nice surprise to my palate.

Beef Bourguignon With Root Vegetable And Mixed Green, $13.90

Best dish of the lot, I really enjoyed this. Beef was really tender with a strong but not overpowering taste of wine. Came with a side of mash too that also had chunks of salt in it :<
Anyway, this is my must try.

Bread Pudding, $3.00

Our side. I thought it would be a sweet dessert but it’s actually savory. Tastes like bits of bread dunked in cream of chicken soup. pleasing.

Textures of Citrus, $6.90

As much as I would’ve loved to love this – as it was a really novel dessert, had an interesting presentation, and sounded like a good end to the meaty mains we had. however, there was just too much acidity in this dish. The crunchy bits of stuff lent some diversity to it though. But yeah. too much acidity…

I was disappointed leh. but that said, I would visit again to try the other dishes. The food is alright lah. With one gem of the lot.

5 Purvis Street #01-04
Singapore 188584
Tel: 6333 3121
Lunch: 12-3pm
Dinner: 6-9.30pm
Walk in customers only

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