faith in Singaporeans restored.

ok after that random rant about my fellow countrymen I would like to share 2 independent (i hope) movements that have been sparked by the young ‘uns here.

1. While You Were Sleeping

WHILE YOU WERE SLEEPING from Josiah Ng on Vimeo.

2. Hello Stranger

This was their first project – and I suppose there are many more to come!

So yeah! The older generation likes to gripe about how sheltered our generation is, and how we never had the chance to go through what they went through – grueling hard work and all, or how the future of Singapore is screwed because some of us have started supporting the opposition.


Here’s a bunch of people, that lead their own routines too – as students, or white collared workers. I like that they’re giving people a reason to smile, and it doesn’t matter who those people are. They’re not out for fame, they’re not being paid by a company… they’re just doing it for fun and goodwill.

I think that’s the difference in our generation – we may not be struggling to make ends meet, and we may not be aiming to earn shitloads of money, so I guess that leaves us with some free time to try to make a difference in others’ lives. and social media makes it even easier for people like them to band together, to spread smiles beyond those they directly met, and to inspire others to do some good as well.

Doesn’t it add some meaning to our otherwise rather rat-racey Singaporean lives?

So yeah. These might be small gestures; lending a stranger a high five or giving another an encouraging note and a drink that costs a few cents, but they do make a difference in someone else’s day. I hope to see more of these things happening!!! GO FORTH, AND MAKE A STRANGER’S DAY (or someone you know lah).

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