random rant.

sometimes, i don’t understand people.

well i guess sometimes, people don’t understand me either.

i wish it could all be simple. like we all had a huge billboard on our foreheads that displayed our honest thoughts. and yes, that could screw things up because someone could be thinking that you’re a bitch but at least you’d know the true reason why and maybe you could explain why you acted that way, assuming it was a misunderstanding, if not, then perhaps you deserved that accusation and you could reflect upon it and be a nicer person.

i also wish singaporeans could be a little more considerate.

i don’t understand why they can’t. does it cost a lot of money? does it make your life any harder?

in this week, i’ve had my carpark lot snatched away from me even though i was there first, and i stared at that driver in utter disbelief, jaw agape and all. but no, he drove into the lot, not even batting an eyelid, not even staring at me, but in all selfishness. it was like he was so proud to claim it. to have had the driving prowess to zoom right into it.

also, a few times, when i, out of pure courtesy and regard for safety, signalled to change lanes, the car, which was driving at a steady rate that was perfect for me to slip into that lane, accelerated!! so! that! he! could! stop! me! from! CHANGING LANES! 😡


i have also seen some singaporeans lash out at service staff and giving them a hard time, just because they could enjoy that brief moment of superiority that they don’t usually get. i hate it when that happens! can’t we just forgive the little things?


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my name is steph. i love cute fluffy things and dancing. my interests include advertising, public relations and internet marketing. i hate writing about myself.

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