whoah just checked out these trailers

it’s amazing how much discipline and tenacity ballet dancers have. i took ballet as a kid but got bored from barre work. and as i progress, the pain with pointe didn’t seem worth it at all. (you are basically balancing your entire body weight on like 3 toes on each foot, on a block of wood – cue blisters and bleeding)

as with every other style of dance, ballet requires rigorous training to execute it with finesse; but i would say, with a lot more pain involved. technique, posture, poise, flexibility & emotions are all so paramount to this art – it isn’t enough just to have one factor nailed down. furthermore ballet has a whole sleu of french terms for all their moves. serious ballerinas also have to go through a series of examinations under international dance training and educational organizations and each examination tests a ballet dancer’s technique, music and performance skills. look at the kind of things they put their bodies through to get the perfect arch!! PLUS guy dancers have to struggle with the stereotype of being gay or feminine.

muchos respectos, ballerinos.

would definitely try to catch the documentary!

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