Bintan – not so shoddy after all.

Mention Bintan and I picture muddy beaches and murky waters. And like, throngs of parents with tiny toddlers thronging the beach.

So imagine my surprise when I saw this instead!

freakin’ crystal clear blue waters, I kid you not!

As usual, bought a Groupon for Nirwana Beach Club. After the ferry charge and weekend charge and what not (watch out for those), totalled to about $150 for this weekend getaway. Got on the first ferry in and took the last ferry out. It’s a 45-min ferry ride from Singapore, just enough for a short nap 🙂 Nirwana provides buses to and fro the ferry terminal so it’s really convenient.

We were lodged in these “cabanas” – supposedly beach-facing, but not so much, more like lily pond facing.

Welcome, to my crib.


le inside, le outside.

Our cabana room was a little old. Creaky. Toilet was really basic. But liveable lah. Here’s the huge lily pond in front of all the cabanas, where monitor lizards hang out.

There’s a mini zoo even,, which is like a 5 min walk away from the cabanas. It houses a few exotic birds, and fish, and snakes, and deer… yup. Random like that.


le cockatoo, le crocodile

Went to OLEH OLEH restaurant at Pasar Ole Ole – part of the package. Lunch was alright – Meegoreng and this Ayam thingum. Pasar Oleh Oleh is like a place to buy souvenirs, some groceries and get a massage? Somewhat of a dead town when we went though.

After which we had our massages at this place:

Bintan Salon Day Spa – a stone’s throw away from Pasar Ole Ole. I had a 90 min hot stone massage for like, SGD $45? SUPER SHIOK OK. The masseuse. and her fingers.

Clean one, don’t worry.

managed to get tora bika cappuccino from a local grocer nearby!

At night we had a seafood feast at Kelong Restaurant (got there via the internal shuttle bus)

Of course, we ate a-plenty!

Here are some shots of the Nirwana Hotel – which looked more comfy to live in, but the beach was less clean, for some reason.

our complimentary breakkie. went in late so we had 10 mins to

after which, all we did was nua on the beach. rode on the jetski too! actually there’s a lot to do within the resort lah, but you need money lor. you can try windsurfing, or go out snorkeling, or even shooting and feeding eagles lol. [edit: shooting GUNS, and feeding eagles.]Great  for families! And the sea so naise.  

See the sea.

this was the beach in front of the hotel

i couldn’t help but frolic in the sea. so my hair treated hair is like a chui now.

then, since we liked the sea so much, we went to dine by the sea.


LOOKS NICE RIGHT? but it’s really not worth the price :< i’ll choose sushi tei over this any time.

time to go home!


we had fun! a relaxing & much needed recharging getaway indeed 🙂

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