Dating Christine.

Cineleisure’s Next Online Sensation – Post 1 Part 2

So, as part of our first Cineleisure’s Next Online Sensation challenge, Christine and I are supposed to blog about how the Hunger Games went and how we’d spend a day at Cineleisure. So here it is.

Although we might be old, we are happening lor.

let’s go!!

Upon entering Cine, the first shop that caught our eyes was Sticky. For various reasons.

  1. It was very brightly lit
  2. It was very brightly coloured
  3. It was blasting k-pop music
  4. It was filled with sweets
  5. There were people making sweets (you can watch!)

Sticky sells handmade sweets that you can customize – pretty cool! Check this out – the Avengers yo.

Next, we decided to relive our childhood by visiting the Timezome, the arcade next to PocketZ at Level 4.


We super zho hee right.


After playing so many games… we decided we should play MORE!!! So we went up to Level 9 to play BishiBashi. And my fishing game… which Christine has never played before. and insists nobody plays except for Aunties :<

Level 9 is the highest level at Cineleisure btw, so easy to miss but so many things to offer!

If you’re looking for some entertainment, E2Max at Level 9 consists of a couple of things:

  1. Smaller cinemas
  2. A lan area
  3. Wii / Xbox + Kinect / Playstation / consoles for rent
  4. A Playstation Playground area (to play Playstation games)
  5. What looks, to us, like a new darts area
  6. A board games area
  7. A UFO catcher area (pian xiao hai! / bluff little kids – we spent like, $10 there without being able to catch anything :< blame our lack of luck, or skills.)
  8. Several rooms called “chambers” you can rent to play console games or watch DVDs in private! Prices range from $10-$25, depending on the size of the room you’d like to rent
  9. Of course, BishiBashi and fishing and several other games 😉
Check out the latest DVDs, games and promos they have at their Facebook site!

Another place we explored was Kbox at Level 8 which looks pretty refurbished. It’s all decked in blue neon lights and has swanky furniture. The buffet looks yummy! And Tuesday is Ladies night. Must visit soon.


VIP room with pool table

Buffet! *slurps.

Photo credit: Kbox

How could we leave out the most important aspect of LEISURE in CINELEISURE – watching movies?

Here’s a useful piece of information that we oldies will pass down – did you know, that there are 3 places that you can purchase movie tickets from at Cineleisure?



+ 1 more place!! on Level 5! watch the vid to find out 🙂

One more thing – you’d probably be famished after all this activity at Cineleisure. If you end late, there’s only one F&B outlet left standing – Xin Wang Hong Kong Café! It opens till 2am so it doesn’t matter if you’d just finished watching a midnight show, or just finished playing a game of L4D2 at Level 9.

Christine and I ended the day with 2 cups of honey lemon drink (since we were both feeling a little hoarse from all that shouting while playing games); she had fish porridge and I had fishball chilli noodles. The only other thing I have from Xin Wang besides the papaya soup noodles. (It really is quite yummy)


SOOOO that concludes how we spent a night at Cine – and how you can too!

Here’s a vid in summary –

Watch this space as we explore the scrumptious offerings Cineleisure has to offer, and interesting clothes outlets for the fashionistas!

Check out Christine’s blogpost too –

Till next time~

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