The Hunger Games

Cineleisure’s Next Online Sensation – Post 1 Part 1

HELLO EVERYBADY!!!! So in case you didn’t know, Christine Tan and I joined this competition held by Cineleisure and Nuffnang called Cineleisure’s Next Online Sensation(s?)

Please show your support by “liking” this page – We really need your support ok. We are like the oldest team. We were saying we went to Heeren before Cine was cool. We went to Cine while it still had the figures of directors protruding from the walls. Now, we’re like discovering Cine again! With all the rest of the young ‘uns.

I super 用心 draw out everything okay!! And there you can see a pic of Christine’s super cute doggie Chloe.

Anyways, thanks to Cineleisure, we were treated to the gala premiere of The Hunger Games today.

Silly us assumed that it would be screened at Cineleisure (logical right?) until Christine re-read the SMS that we got. It was at the Cathay instead.

EVEN TOOK PHOTO AT CINE like true enthusiasts

So we arrived at the Cathay just in time to deposit our electronic devices and head up to the cinema. Super a lot of people were there.

BTW Christine and I had no idea what The Hunger Games were about. According to a lot of people, the American version of Battle Royale. I was trying to describe what Battle Royale was to Christine – a sadistic show about students killing each other and they were all strapped with a detonator on their neck. SO VIOLENT! I guess it was sort of the same theory lah, but thank God they didn’t show a lot of gore. (Christine, however, was shrieking in her seat half the time.)

Le trailer:

Here’s a brief summary of the show:

  1. Everyone either dresses like a peasant from the 60s, or Nicki Minaj, I kid you not
  2. There are 12 districts
  3. For some reason (which both of us did not understand), each district has to send a girl and a boy between the ages of 12-18, to fight in the Hunger Games
  4. For simplicity’s sake we will call the lead girl A and the lead guy B
  5. A’s sister was actually chosen at first, but A volunteered to go instead
  6. B was (legitimately) chosen
  7. They are chaperoned to some place where bourgeoisie (dressed as Nicki) dwell, by a strange looking woman and a drunk mentor le strange looking woman.
  8. They are introduced to the bourgeoisie. A and B look hot, literally.
  9. A makes a pretty good impression during the training stage
  10. Game starts, many people are killed…
  11. … I will not spoil the show for you, but HEY there is a twist.

AND if you’re not into all these medieval, sadistic stuff, the actress, Jennifer Lawrence, is really very chio. She’s only 20.

(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻


All in all, The Hunger Games was a really great movie and kept me thoroughly engaged and at the edge of my seat. Right up till the end. Like, yeah, that’s the worst part – the ending. Noted, it’s the first of a series of trilogies, but it felt like they ran out of time to give more thought to the ending and left it at that. meh. Other than that it does a good job of transporting the audience to a dystopia that is so… strange, and immersing them in this other world. Definitely a show worth watching.

Here’s a little video to spice up this blog post:

BTW, did you know that the original author of the Hunger Games series of books that the movie was based on, drew inspiration while channel surfing between a reality series and news footages of the invasion of Iraq? The two “began to blur in this very unsettling way” and the idea for the book was formed.

There you go. Interesting trivia to impress your friends with when you catch the movie.

Till next time!!

Click here for Christine’s review

2 thoughts on “The Hunger Games

    “For some reason (which both of us did not understand), each district has to send a girl and a boy between the ages of 12-18, to fight in the Hunger Games.”

    Here’s a really condensed summary: There were originally 13 Districts in addition to the Capitol. At some point, the 13 Districts banded in an uprising against the Capitol, but they lost. The 13th District was completely destroyed as an example. The Hunger Games was set up for the entertainment of the people in the Capitol, but it has other uses in sowing discontent amongst the people and between Districts.

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