St Pat’s day cupcakes

Guess where I went for my cupcake fix again?

Plain Vanilla lah. Heard that they had 2 new flavors to usher in St Patty’s Day and they sounded so yummy I had to try them –

“We’re not big fans of Guinness – but Dumbledore-worthy magic happens when you mix copious amounts of stout with large portions of cocoa powder in cake batter. We struggle to put it in words, but if we had to try – the result is a cake that is intensely chocolatey yet fluffy and light; plain in appearance but interestingly flavourful.

We pair it with our signature cream cheese frosting so the chocolate stout cake (deservedly) takes the limelight, then gently dust some cocoa powder over to finish.”

“To do just that, we made a cupcake that we think is quintessentially Irish – a boozy one. A vanilla-Irish cream cake with a centre of dark chocolate fudge spiked with Irish cream, topped with an Irish cream frosting and a rich Irish cream-infused truffle (homemade, no less).”

Descriptions taken from their Facebook page

I liked the Irish cream one a lot! The alcohol isn’t too overpowering but it’s enough to lend a kick to the cupcake. The cake is also light enough to complement the heavier toppings. The chocolate stout one tasted just like it sounds – like a hearty mixture of chocolate and beer.

Two thumbs up for both cupcakes! Only available till 1 April so head down soon to try them!

34A Lorong Mambong, Holland Village, Singapore 277691
website / @pvbakery
Open Tues-Sat 12pm-8pm and Sun 12pm-6pm.

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