Thanks everyone for taking part in the #InstantPower contest! I had a super super hard time picking the winners but here you are –

In no particular order,

    1. @dickswagger
      I need #InstantPower because my phone’s battery cannot keep up with my Draw Something addiction. NEED MOAR JUICE.
    2. @jemmawei
      this #SoMe addict needs #InstantPower & the lumia’s flap doesn’t let me use traditional portable chargers! 😦
    3. @terencethen
      I need the charger because I has a sad phone die every single time and I can’t do anything abt it, making me more sad
      (don’t sad already!)
    4. @zaihar
      Doing reservist soon. 11hr work shift. Calls are essential while on duty. No place to charge iPhone. I need it!
    5. @ahleeshan
      Beloved @stooffi, i need #InstantPower so I can stop looking through people’s legs at eateries for a socket, like a…

      (k, how can u say no to this dog, really?)
    6. @pohtecktoes
      did I mention that I’m a nomad during the weekends now tt my parents sold away the hse? Which is why I need #InstantPower!
      (he also tweeted me like, 4 times, so I figured he must really need it) 

Will be in touch with all of you soon to get your deets! For the rest, I feel really bad that I can’t choose all of you 😐 if you really need it please go buy! It’s $29.90! Quite affordable la right?
Till next time, when I have more stuff to give away!~
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my name is steph. i love cute fluffy things and dancing. my interests include advertising, public relations and internet marketing. i hate writing about myself.

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