Singapore Dance Delight 03

BIGGG congrats to Da Street Soulz who will be repping Singapore in Japan (JDD)!

Gin, Ah Hei, Ah Hua, An An – stole the stage with pure technique and no gimmicks. Deserving winners!

See the musicality and techniqueeee. GIRL POWER!

Also a big kudos to Carol and Fredy for producing an awesome show – the stage set up & multimedia was one of the best I’ve ever seen.

SDD Vol 03 – the bar has been brought UP man! The standard was crazy high across many of the groups, I think the judges must have had a really hard time deciding on the winners.

Top 3 random observations:

  1. A lot of tummy bearing! Some even use fats to pop.
  2. How come everyone can back flip?
  3. How come people can land on knee, on back, on so many awkward places – and NOT FEEL PAIN AT ALL?

In 2nd place: Elecoldxhot (Malaysia)

Super tight performance! Crazy visuals. Please check out the suicide moves at 1:26 and 1:57. HOW COME CAN CONTINUE DANCING?

Also, see 2:09 for tummy jiggling 🙂

In 3rd place: A Team (Philippines)

THE FLIP. AT 0:46 gave me goosebumps. My world paused right there. Soooo fierce! I like!

More favorites:

Joyce and the Boys

Especially the drumming part @ 2:22!

Freekzy Nutz

Thought they were really entertaining and tight too!

There was also this really really cute little girl that went up to “battle” 4 other big guys as an audience interaction game. So adorbz. Didn’t get a shot though…

Anyhoos, can’t stress enough what a great show it was. Judges showcases were equally awesome. I am running out of adjectives to use. Can’t wait for SDD Vol 4, the scene is GROWING. EXPONENTIALLY!

Great to see old friends too 🙂


One thought on “Singapore Dance Delight 03

  1. I Will have to visit again whenever my course load lets up – however I am getting your Feed so i could go through your web blog offline. Cheers.

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