uhohuhohuhoh CHANGE!


SUP. I went for Keratin Hair Treatment on a whim at Urban Cuts (Singapore Shopping Centre) – paid $188 for a voucher at deal.com.sg (the deal is still on!)

I must say I can’t really decide which hairstyle I like better – kinda liked my waves too, but my hair texture has definitely improved by leaps and bounds. Those who have seen me in person before will know my hair texture is terrible. I had to use hair treatment in place of conditioner because it was really too dry and frizzy. I did all kinds of things to it la, from perming to DIY bleaching to many DIY home dying treatments. Always dreamt of having soft locks and… now I have lor! Asked the stylist (Nick) if I could’ve gotten the same results with soft straightening or rebonding, he said that my hair would’ve dried out even more. and also that I should never ever do anything after bleaching my hair… except for treatment. so girls… never bleach your hair.

The process:

  1. Got my hair cut
  2. Got it washed
  3. Got product applied + left in for 15 mins (so fast hor!)
  4. Got my hair dried to remove moisture
  5. Got it flat ironed
Super fast process which is great cos I hate sitting around in salons for extended periods of time!!

But apparently it doesn’t last forever! :< according to the stylist it can last up to 3 months. Plus you need a special shampoo. All in all I paid about $300 for the treatment, plus cut, plus shampoo + conditioner. I felt slightly sad because I’m the kind that cuts my hair at those $10 hair salons.

I think if it wears off so much that I’m back to my frizzy hair I might actually try this DIY kit – Keratin Earth. It still isn’t cheap – about USD$99 but you get about 2-3 treatments from it and it includes le shampoo and conditioner. Formaldehyde free too!

[Edit: About 1 week later, my curls were back, but hair texture is still soft.
12 days later – I made the mistake of soaking myself in the sea, it’s a little dry now]

[Edit again: fyi the entire thing lasted me a little over 1 month :<, it’s 1 May now, my hair is like, back to normal.]

3 thoughts on “uhohuhohuhoh CHANGE!

  1. i thought the keratin treatment thing is just like a conditioner for your hair but last for like 3 days (if you use a mild shampoo). is your hair still frizzy after you wash it today?

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