SONY USB Portable Power Supply

Hello friends!!! I have good news! Thanks to good folks at SONY, I have 6 portable USB chargers to give away!


in black


in white

Some specs –

  • Battery capacity of 2,000 mAh
  • Charging via computer’s USB port
  • Micro USB cable included
  • 500x rechargeable
  • Compatible with most smartphones
I don’t see who wouldn’t benefit from having a handy extra power supply around. I suppose a lot of you (like me,) do too much on your phones right… Tweet… Facebook… play Draw Something… Scramble with Friends (:<)… take photos… Instagram… WhatsApp… listen to music…
If you don’t have constant access to a power supply your phone sure tak ada juice very fast right?
Shamelessly ripping off my friend Lester‘s post –

The Sony CP-ELS USB Portable Power Supply is enough to give these devices at least 1 complete charge:

  • Apple iPhone 4 (1,420mAh)
  • Apple iPhone 4S (1,432mAh)
  • Samsung Galaxy S II (1,650mAh)
  • Galaxy Nexus (1,750mAh)
  • Nokia Lumia 710 (1,300mAh)
  • Nokia Lumia 800/Nokia N9 (1,450mAh)
  • Sony Xperia S (1,750mAh)
  • Sony Xperia P (1,305mAh)
  • Blackberry 9900 (1,600mAh)

AND it charges other devices too!

If you are using the bigger Galaxy Note (2,500mAh), it will only charge till about 80% full.

Technically you can use it to charge bigger gadgets like tablets (Apple iPads and Samsung Galaxy Tabs) but since the max output is only 1A, charging those devices might take slighly longer than usual.

According to the packaging, 2,000mAh will give you-

  • 2.5-7hrs more energy on your smartphones
  • 1.5-30hrs more energy on your music device (mp3/walkman/ipod)
  • 15min-1.5hrs more energy on your video recording device (bloggie/handycam)
  • 1.5-2.5hrs more energy on your camera
It will be retailing for SGD$29.90 and it will be available in 2 colors (black or white) – which easily “matches” any device.


USB port to charge your device


On the flip side – micro USB port to charge itself 🙂


with my gaudy iPhone USB charger 🙂


battery indicator



ok so. you must be asking. HOW TO WIN?? Simply send a tweet telling me why you will need an extended battery life on whichever device. I won’t lie, there are other bloggers doing giveaways out there; most of them are calling for creative entries but I’m a very practical person ah. So just tell me why you need it & I will choose the 6 who manage to convince me they need it most 🙂

Stuff to include in the tweet:

  1. @stooffi
  2. #InstantPower

e.g.: hello @stooffi, i need #InstantPower cos there’s not enough to take photos of my cats all day

send as many entries as you like! but i’ll judge based on your best answer lah. for a higher chance of winning, share this blogpost on your Facebook walls too (remember to tag me).

  • Winners will be announced by 23rd March 2012 and contacted via Twitter.
  • You have to be a resident of Singapore to participate.
  • Sorry! You can’t pick which colour you’d prefer.
  • Details of winners such as name and winning tweet will be posted on this blog.
  • My decision on all matters related to this giveaway is final and no correspondence will be entertained.
  • I reserve the right to amend these terms and conditions at anytime without prior notice.
  • This giveaway ends on 11:59pm (23:59), Sunday, 18th March 2012 (GMT+8 Singapore Time).


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