NTU HOCC Hall Dance Competition 2012

I must say, that as much as I don’t appreciate the judging criteria of NTU’s annual hall dance competition, I’m proud that it has managed to raise the standards of dance in NTU and has made it accessible to those who love dance, and for some reason aren’t in dance clubs.

That said, the results have also sparked some bad blood between those from MJ and those not from MJ. I don’t really understand why. Whatever it is, I think everyone did a great job, whether your hall has MJ dancers or not. Each hall presented a piece that was, in its way, engaging and captivating; and I could tell that a lot of effort was put into practicing, choreography, props and costumes.

Also, on a more personal level, I was really proud of my MJ juniors. I think all of them really shone on stage and held their own presence… too many to name… and I’m sure they contributed lots to their hall teams. Props goes to my former halls, Halls 6 and 16; it’s evident that they’re growing and improving leaps and bounds.

It’s really such a pleasure to watch and not take part! HA! Even Mel, Dhika, WenHao and Ah Hong were so stressed just doing the lightings.

ANW. Here are my favourite 2 pieces!

The winners: Hall 1, who never fail to blow me away with amazeballs. You won’t be able to tell that there are dancers here who are beginners and have never set foot on a stage before! I think the concept was amazing, coordination also amazing, and the intensity of emotions, most amazing. They took a risk with this piece but pulled it off!

Hall 8 – didn’t place, but I think they were really nice to watch and the standard of dance was higher than the other halls. (Didn’t really understand the storyline?)

Random note: most overused ending pose ever – a couple standing in the middle, with the rest of the dancers “framing” them

 photos – credit Rongjun

Looking forward to next year’s HOCC!!!

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