Are you a corporate zombie?

My dad was once invited to give a talk on work life balance at a local uni. I asked him what he spoke about. He told me, in essence, that he told all those undergraduates that work life balance did not exist in Singapore.

Which led me to be quite sad. Because there really is some truth in it. I think to remain competitive and employable, you have to constantly learn, gather experiences and do all you can to one up all the foreign talent that’s coming in / all the other people holding degrees.

Not that I’m a proponent of lackadaisical lifestyles; but I do believe that as much as hard work is important, find a balance between your career and spending time doing what you love or with your loved ones. I guess I’m still trying to find that sweet spot between building my career, enjoying dancing, learning about digital marketing, spending time with my family and friends.

So ANYWAY. That was an intro to what I’d really like to feature in this blogpost: my junior’s campaign.
(Bet you didn’t see that coming)

I think it’s quite interesting for an FYP lor.

It follows this story k, in case you haven’t been exposed to it prior.

As every story goes, there is a good guy and a bad guy.

The bad guys are this company called Nutricula Pharmaceutical Corporation ( They are evil and they manufacture this product X2 which I think a lot of Singaporeans would like to take because, like all energy drinks claim, it allows you to work harder for longer periods of time.

The good guys are called The Resistance (, and YOUUUUU are supposed to help them fight against NPC!!!

So far there have been a lot of little tasks that would involve their TA to follow the story closely and pay attention to certain details to win some prizes. BUT OKAY before you kaopei like whalao then i have to go and read up on everything and watch all these videos etc. to take part


like a L4D poster.

If you love excitement, adventure, or have nothing better to do on a Saturday, join their “amazing race”-esque … race around the city and you might just win up to $2000.

$2000 can buy a lot of things. $2000 can buy you yoga classes or dance classes or a trip to someplace near so that you can escape from being a corporate zombie.


P.S. If you run a high risk of being a corporate zombie, here’s a survival guide.

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