Plain Vanilla Bakery

Writing a quick post on Plain Vanilla! It’s a lovely little bakery that’s sharing a space with a salon called “Mad About Hair”. It’s on the 2nd level in the building opposite Harry’s, above a spanish (I think?) restaurant.

These are possibly the best cupcakes in Singapore!!! Costs $3.20 for one, $18 for half a dozen. Before you start complaining that WAH so EX for a cake or whatever, prease hor, it’s super worth the moolah! WHY?

1. They use quality ingredients. Take a bite and you’ll know. You know how some cakes taste very gross and artificial? You won’t get that crap at Plain Vanilla. A cinnamon brown sugar cupcake is topped with real cinnamon and brown sugar. and there’s loads of it used in the batter too. You’ll find real strawberries in the strawberry white chocolate cupcake, and strawberry bits in the icing of the strawberry cupcake. my mouth is watering as I type.

2. The cake! It’s just the right texture. Fluffeh yet not light until you buay kam guan you paid $3 for it; also not too heavy until it tastes jelat. Just nice!! (worth 2 exclamation marks.)

3. The icing! Goes incredibly well with the cake below it. It’s firm and not overly creamy like what you’d get at most bakeries. You know, when they try to make it creamy just so it sticks to the cake. And then they top it with like, xiao ding dang, or like, ultraman, or add some weird dye to it so it looks more eye-catching. NONE OF THAT CRAP AT PLAIN VANILLA!!

And their shop, just like their cupcakes, looks so aesthetically pleasing! It’s a little nook though, so you can’t really sit around to nom their cupcakes. The owner looks super young. She is also super friendly.

I am also super sleepy so here are some pictures.


I kind of secretly hope they don’t become too famous so that I will forever be able to eat cupcakes whenever I want without worrying if they’ve gone out of stock. but my mama taught me that sharing is caring. So… here you go.

34A Lorong Mambong,
Holland Village,
Singapore 277691
Open Tues-Sat 12pm-8pm & Sun
(means Monday is closed hor.) 

P.S. They run out of popular flavours really fast! So call to reserve in advance or tweet to check the day’s #cupcakecount!

Tel: 64655942
Twitter: @pvbakery 

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