The Good Beer Company


RLY GOT UNCOMMON, EPIC, LEGENDARY BEERS! Something for everyone, I would say.

Travelled over to The Good Beer Company at Chinatown out of sheer curiosity. It was pretty hard to find; owner Daniel Goh says, “purposely wan”.

btw, I have stolen these shots from their Facebook page… they have a pretty nifty interior that’s filled with vintage beer posters too. I didn’t manage to take any shots… too excited :\


Preist, see this beer fridge. 1 kind of tokkong. For zhabors who don’t really like beer, they have my fave Lindeman’s Pecheresse & Kronenbourg Blanc. They also have stuff that doesn’t taste like beer at all – but are actually beers in disguise: many many ciders & Taiwanese honeydew and lychee beers. Super easy to drink, guniang beers.

Click here for le menu! All beers $15 & under. And yes, they do have manly beers as well. Most ex is SIngapore’s own Jungle Beer, which is definitely on the to-try list:


A really nice place to try out beers if you’re a curious beer-cat. Good and affordable food all around too (Daniel will be very happy to recommend some). I hear the claypot rice is really good. But Tein Hee bought the last serving before I arrived, never even let me try. Can dabao German sausages from downstairs the nearby Wuerstelstand too.

We celebrated Peter’s birthday there. Look, he is a happy man.


You can find Good Beer at:

Blk 335 Smith Street, #02-58
Chinatown Complex Market and Food Centre
Singapore 050335

看好好 ah, it’s level 2! So you have to take the escalator upstairs to the hawker centre. Walk towards your left once you reach the top of the escalator, you should see a shop selling 烧肉 / roasted meat. Walk through the “opening” on the right of that shop. You will find good beer at the end of like, the 2nd row.

Opening hours:

Tue-Fri: 1200-1400, 1700-2200
Sat: 1200-2300
Sun: 1200-2200

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