Five & Dime

Finally got a chance to visit Five & Dime! It had caught my eye a couple of times on the way to work. Love the branding.


some shots of the interior & exterior


kitchen only opened at 6pm, we were there at 5.30pm. had a coffee each – mine a picolo latte, his a cappucino. coffee was nice!


What we had:

1. Salmon Rocket Salad, $18

Flame salmon on rocket with wasabi mirin dressing

Very generous with the salmon, dressing was nicely balanced – not too overpoweringly sweet. (couldn’t taste the wasabi though?) Might be too much for one person, was just nice to share between us.

2. Wagyu Pasta, $24

Spaghetti with Wagyu beef in yakiniku sauce

I like! Thought the pasta was well done, beef wasn’t overpowered by any sort of marinade, spagetti went well with the yakiniku sauce. Only gripe? It was too oily :< check it out:


3.  You Tiao Churros, $10

With dark chocolate dip and vanilla ice cream

I devoured one first without the accompanying sides – mistake. Was like, hey, its just you tiao (chinese fried dough fritters) lor! But it tasted much better with the ice cream and dip together! Everything is sub-par when consumed individually. Nah, serving suggestion:


le bf rounds things up in less than 140 chars:

“piccolo latte is nt bad. Cappuccino is milky. Salad & pasta normal. Price is high. Place-v. aesthetically pleasing! and cutlery is v sleek.”

Address: 297 River Valley RoadSingapore
Tel: +65 9236 5002

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