Chio Singaporean Bloggers.

Blogs I read just cos they are chio (and I am bored / a creepy voyeur) :
A curated list. There are a lot of acbc (act chio buay chio) attention seeking bloggers also that I have gladly omitted.

Updated: 12 Aug 2013

[edit: i have also become too lazy to add descriptions.]

act chio buay chio

I know they aren’t Singaporean but, close enough.

omg but cannot stand it when they do too many advertorials.


18 thoughts on “Chio Singaporean Bloggers.

  1. sisters hayley woo ( and jayley woo (…? 😛 i like the way they look esp jayley but all these blogs are sooooooooooo boring. even with the periodical catfights.

  2. Very good list okay! Do not need to add anyone else on it! You have all the pretty + cute+ interesting bloggers inside already (Y)

  3. Omg finally a place which tells me who are the popular bloggers around the blogosphere. From your whole list I only know about 5 of them? LOL. Thanks alot ya :)) oh and I just started blogging recently as well, do check it out! 😀

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