The Foundry

18 Mohamed Sultan Road. Tel. +65 9621 2082

Chanced upon The Foundry after I knocked off work. It’s a pretty interesting collective of a casual alley bar and 4 eateries which conveniently offer food that go really well with beer.

The 4 eateries offer a pretty decent variety of food. We have:

1. the better burger

2. Pizza Memoirs

3. Tiffin north indian tandoori

4. Baan Khun Nai Thai Cuisine

Forgot to take a photo of the seating area – it’s a laid back, frills-free setting with simple wooden tables and chairs. Quite sparsely laid out so that you have ample space to yourself. There are 2 levels, the lower one where the food is and an upper level where the Foundry bar is.


The branding on Pizza Memoirs looked promising but upon taking a closer look at what they had to offer (salad/pasta/pizza), nothing really caught our fancy so we moved on…


To the better burger. Ordered the bacon avocado beef burger + a calamari side.

On to my favourite part of the Foundry… the bar. lol


The Foundry bar stocks so many different sorts of beer (that I suppose they procure from The Drinking Partners)


Some snaps of the more interesting beers I saw (judging based on labels) –





Wanted to try this Wittekerk Rosé – it set us back by $15. Tasted like fizzy raspberry. Not worth the $15.



Our bacon & avocado burger from TBB that came with TBB fries. ($14)

It’s really a better burger! I liked that the bread was like “fried”?? until crispy and that the beef patty was thick and juicy. The fries were also so good! Crispy and very “xiang”, not too salty.


The calamari with wasabe mayo however (also from TBB) left much to be desired. Plus! it cost us $10.


12 pcs of mini wings from the thai place went down so well with our beers. Must. Order.

So. Anyway. In essence the Foundry seems like a nice place to chill with friends and catch up over food and drinks. Just don’t order the calamari.

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