Singapore > Kota Tinggi > JB and back


My 23rd birthday was spent with QY and I had a blast!! It was a rather laid back affair but definitely something different. Traffic was rather alright since it was a Thursday; it took us about 2 hours to get to Kota Tinggi. I think like half an hour was spent clearing customs. BTW don’t need to fill in white card anymore!


1st stop! Ah Boy Bak Kut Teh. I thought it was alright only. Very tasty, but the taste was sharp and disappeared quickly! QY liked it a lot. It’s opposite the dock for the Firefly Tour.


Next stop: Kota Tinggi Waterfall! It’s really quite calm and serene (if you hike further up – about a 5 min climb). They’ve also built 2 huge slides at the base of the waterfall where many kids play and slide down in tubes (you can rent for 5 ringgit). There are less people further up; if I had the time i would probably float there for a while and enjoy the serene sound of cascading water~

The water is rather clean considering it was a public place. Be careful of rocks though! I think it’s a great place to visit for Singaporeans sick of the urban life. We rarely get to get this close to nature. Can swim inside summore. Very refreshing 🙂 but girls, please don’t wear bikinis hor.


Washed up and headed over to embark on our firefly trip! I tried taking photos but unfortunately I couldn’t really capture them on camera. Basically you sit on a boat that takes you down a river where bushes/trees/shrubs flank the banks, and some of them have fireflies in them! It’s really quite an experience, like nature’s own Christmas lights 🙂 super super pretty!! I overheard that the best time to go would be on a Saturday where the latest boat departs at 9pm and it’s much darker (it usually departs 7 & 8 pm). We headed off at about 7.30pm, but the skies were kinda brightly lit by the lights from the city.


And of course, what would be a trip to Malaysia without having some FOOD!!
Didn’t really know where to eat so we headed down to the popular Singaporean supper haunt – Taman Sentosa. Googled “What to eat in Taman Sentosa” but couldn’t really find anything? (also, data network v slow.) So I tweeted to ask, and HL mentioned that the chicken wings at 101 “bao ni happy”, so we headed there. Ordered seafood as well! Drunken prawns, thai style fried fish, salted eggyolk crayfish an of course chicken wings. THE CHICKEN WINGS REALLY BAO WO MEN HAPPY!!!!  RM1 FOR ONE STICK NIA. SUPER TASTY!! Don’t know how they skewered it but it was so crispy and tasty… `D: drooling just thinking about it. The seafood was okay only. (IKR, I v hard to please. But it really didn’t taste very fresh… except the fish.)
For my own records, HL also says that at “古早人 restaurant, their 五香鹵肉 is best of best”. We still have yet to try that, and a proper Ramly.
Tried to go for massage, but it was full till 1230!! Couldn’t wait for it cos we were already exhausted. Settled for a quick dessert at “U desserts” – the Durian Pancake was 1 kind of awesome (it looks scary with the lime green 皮 right?) – it’s really good durian meat and light cream wrapped in a thin crepe like “skin”. Tauhuay not too nice. Was lukewarm. :<

Reached SG at like 2am? concussed. Next day had to force myself to wake up to go to work. zzzz BUT HEY. It’s the last working day of 2010!


How does turning 23 feel? Alright actually. I had the whole year to mentally prepare myself. Still trying to find my way in life, God’s will for me, and what makes me happy…
Thank you all for your kind wishes on FB, it’s gonna take me a while to reply everything but i read all of them and it’s really much appreciated! Here’s wishing all of you a very happening countdown, and that 2012 treats you well. 🙂

Signing off,

A fresh 23-year-old.

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