Jimmy Monkey Review

Jimmy Monkey in 2 words:

rather blah.


Heeere’s Jimmy

When we first stepped in we weren’t greeted by anything except the rather rancid smell of oil – the place wasn’t very well ventilated.


His latte


My flat white…

Average coffee from a slayer machine.


Full cooked breakfast – toast, mushrooms, scrambled eggs, bacon, grilled vine tomatoes

the highlight? grilled vine tomatoes – bursts of flavour in your mouth

2nd most exciting thing? mushrooms. ok lah.

bacon was lean.

toast was dry.

eggs weren’t fluffy.

not very worth the SGD$18+ we paid for it.


JM Sandwich (I think)

Avocado, rocket, egg, ham, bacon, i cannot remember what else.


Verdict? Not worth travelling to lah… there are better cafes out there to get your coffee and breakkie fix. I won’t call it the “ultimate coffee experience”.

Tue – Thu: 08:30 20:30
Fri – Sat: 08:30 22:30
Sun: 08:30 20:30

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