Bifesta Cleansing Lotion – Review


My first product review!

Can’t really remember how but I think I managed to get a sample of Bifesta’s cleansing lotion through their Facebook page. What intrigued me was that there was no double cleansing involved – meaning you could just use it to remove your makeup and you wouldn’t have to wash your face after. Perfect for the times you’re too tired from partying and desperately need to crash, yet something’s nagging at your conscience to remove your makeup before you concuss.

i always like to wear waterproof eyeliner and mascara, which can be quite a bitch to remove. another problem is heavy stage makeup – i’m sure other dancers will empathize! Normal make-up remover sheets can’t get it off, and the most effective would be oil-based makeup removers which leave your skin feeling greasy and gross after usage and requires quite a thorough cleansing just to remove the oil from your face. do not like 😦

plus! i usually take out my contact lens only after i’ve removed all my makeup (so that i can see that i’ve gotten it all off). sometimes the oil gets into my eyes and contacts. not cool.

so anyway, i think Bifesta’s cleansing lotion is nice in that it isn’t greasy, feels very gentle on the skin and is effective in removing stubborn makeup.


Here I am. With makeup on. The sample I got was Bifesta’s SEBUM cleansing lotion, which is for combination – oily skin and contains green tea extract for pore tightening.

The texture of the lotion is quite dewy, a little more viscous than water. All you need to do is soak a cotton pad with the lotion, hold the cotton pad against your eye for a while, and then wipe off. I had to repeat about 2-3 times for each eye.


hohoho check out the half and half pic. i look really sleepy without makeup right! anyway it leaves your skin feeling moisturized as well 🙂 and i love that there’s no greasy feeling. it is also hypoallergenic, oil free, paraben and alcohol free! The cleansing lotion also comes in Moist (for dry skin; with ceramide for moisturising), Bright Up (for dull skin; removes dead skin cells and inhibits melanin production) and Agecare (for dry, sensitive skin; with Q10 for nourishment and suppleness).

it’s pretty reasonably priced too, S$16.90 – S$18.90 for a 300ml bottle. will definitely grab one when this one’s out.


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