I’m Gen Y and proud of it.

I’m sick of people talking shit about Gen Y being too spoilt, too apathetic, complaining for the sake of complaining etc etc etc.

I don’t think it’s that we’re lazy. I think it’s valid when you say we don’t have to slog so hard to survive. it’s true. what we do have is more time to think about things, and I think it’s valid that we have the prerogative to choose to pursue happiness (of some sort). I don’t think we’re being idealistic. I think we’re rational enough to be pragmatic. I think we strive for some kind of balance in life. It’s not that we’re afraid of working hard – we will, if we are passionate about what we do. I think we realize that life is too short to be kissing ass all day and being desk bound, unable to see the world. We don’t want to live to work, we want to work to live.

I don’t think we’re an apathetic generation that lacks political knowledge – I think we just don’t want to place too much emphasis on politics. It’s just too messy, too complicated and brings forth too many problems. I think that through taking time to enjoy the simpler things in life, we’ve managed to bond with others in a way that’s unselfish and uncomplicated. We realize that we don’t need guns or power to communicate – all it takes is words, kind gestures and letting go of the little flaws in people to make things right. We laugh over common jokes on the Internet. I think we all just want to get along. We’re a new breed of hippie.

I don’t think we’re a stubborn generation. Sure, we might have our opinions and aren’t afraid to voice it, but I think all of us are extremely open minded. We’re living in times of globalization, where we cross borders and absorb a myriad of opinions and information on the Internet. I believe we all consult friends, family and yes perhaps the Internet before making a decision or taking a stand. That might call for a stronger belief in that stand. and that’s valid, isn’t it? That we’ve taken time to reap in opinions, filter them, absorb them and mull over them before coming up with our own; believing it’s true?

So, especially to the older generation, just deal with us plain and simply. Don’t keep it to yourselves and give us the silent treatment with a black face. Or bitch behind our backs with your posse. Or lash out at us with vulgarities just because you’re in a superior position. We’re not going to change if we don’t know what we did to upset you. It will just fester a lot of negativity in the relationship.

If we’re stepping on your toes, let us know why, and the reason why. Have you put yourselves in our shoes and given us the benefit of doubt? If you still don’t understand why we are a certain way, it’s fine. We’ll appreciate that you tried, and we’ll explain ourselves. We don’t like it when you jump into conclusions based on the premise that your way is the right way, and that the older you are the wiser you get. We’ve seen too many of your mistakes to believe that’s true.

If you don’t like it, say it. Tell us how you think we should be, what we should learn. If we find that you make more sense, we’ll accept it and apologize. We might sulk because it feels shitty to know that you’ve gone down the wrong path. It’s us taking it out on ourselves, not you – so don’t take it personally. We’ll be fine tomorrow. We’ll appreciate the candidness.

Contrary to popular belief, we’re teachable, but only by those we respect, and it really isn’t that hard to get us to respect you. Understand that our generation no longer believes that respect has to be earned; it should be a basic right that everyone deserves. The work you’ve done and how you treat others speaks volumes of who you are and dictates how much more respect we have for you. You don’t have to speak from a high pedestal to prove you’re something. There’s no need for animosity from the get-go, just because of crappy stereotypes you have of us. We’re human, just like you are.

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my name is steph. i love cute fluffy things and dancing. my interests include advertising, public relations and internet marketing. i hate writing about myself.

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