3 Innovative Campaigns that Integrate Facebook Connect

Have you checked out the latest breed of advertisements that incorporate your Facebook account details? I had quite a bit of fun exploring these ads. I would admit I didn’t read the T&Cs involved but I’m sure they won’t be using my information unscrupulously.

As much as 2 of them try to be creepy, I don’t think anything can freak me out as much as Hotel 626. Brownie points for innovation and a truly personalized experience though. Wouldn’t want to give away too much, go ahead and experience these on your own:

1. Take This Lollipop

Not too sure which company is behind this, but it’s an app launched to highlight the issues surrounding internet privacy. Created by Jason Zada (the same guy behind the Elf Yourself), you’ll get to see a creepy, mouse-rubbing guy stalking your profile and looking through your photos, before searching your location (mine was “Singapore, null” though. Kind of a mood-kill.) and THEN COMING TO FIND YOU. Alright, it’s not as scary as it sounds. I promise.

2. The Walking Dead

Created by Red Bee Media to promote FOX’s 2nd season of “The Walking Dead”, this app gives you a first person experience of how it’s like to be in your own Zombie show. Now that zombies are all in the rage, who wouldn’t enjoy this? There’s a webcam function too – switch it on for maximum effect! And yes, it isn’t as scary as it sounds too.

3. Museum of Me

This would be the most wholesome and least scary of the three. Intel displays your photos and other information in a stunning display and allows you to take a walk through an exhibition of your life. For a short couple of minutes, enjoy the feeling of being important enough to have an entire exhibition dedicated to you. Enjoy seeing some familiar faces pop up in some exhibits. And then hey, welcome back to reality.

Any other amazing Facebook Connect campaigns to share?

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