My Thai

Decided to eat somewhere new on a lazy Sunday afternoon. My Thai has caught my eye every time we went past Bukit Timah road. From a distance its exterior looks like it’s really catered to farangs, and not authentic at all. We decided to give it a try anyway when the waiter mentioned they had Thai chefs cooking authentic Thai cuisine. The interior wasn’t Thai inspired at all. It was quiet. It played chinese er hu music. it was dubious. the wine menu was limited and overpriced, according to the boy aka expert wine geek.

BUT. Thumbs up when they mentioned that each dish was prepared individually, so the level of spiciness could be controlled. (I can’t take chilli.) Thumbs up again when the manager mentioned NO MSG.

#1: papaya salad. pretty refreshing & tasty! you can ask for the fermented fish thing if you like it super authentic

#2 beef soup: not too overpoweringly beefy, had just enough sweetness to it. I LIKE!

#3: tom yam goong. which i could actually drink cos it wasn’t spicy at all. but average lah. not too bad but not too great either.

#4: olive rice. you can never go wrong with olive rice.

#6: BBQ pork: the most lackluster dish we had. and too chewy for my liking

Overall, the food was good, but i don’t think it’s worth the SGD$68 we paid for the 5 dishes mentioned + thai fishcakes (we ate them all before i could take a photo) + lemongrass juice.

If you ngeh-ngeh also want to try:

My Thai 

833 Bukit Timah Road, Singapore 279887

Tel: 6467 6058 ‎

and here is a picture of my cat, because she is cute.OKBAI FOLKS. it is a monday. work beckons tmr.

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