the one show you really should not watch this year.

the one show you really shouldn’t bother catching has got to be BAD TEACHER.

i don’t usually diss films because i think people spend too much time and too much money making them. so even if the plot sucks i’d focus on how good the cinematography is, or the choice of songs in the soundtrack, or that the acting was good, etc.

but this film, unfortunately, was bereft of saving points. cameron diaz didn’t even show enough skin. there was no cute guy. there was a lack of pretty girls. there were lame jokes. there was an even lamer plot. i wouldn’t say the acting was great.

here’s the highlight of the show in less than 2 min

done. now, don’t bother watching the rest of the show.

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my name is steph. i love cute fluffy things and dancing. my interests include advertising, public relations and internet marketing. i hate writing about myself.

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