Korean Food. Part one.

Now as much as I love eating Korean food, every dish was quite a bittersweet experience for me (not literally…) because I’m hopeless at taking spicy food, but it was super yummy nonetheless. Kudos to Ruth for painstakingly translating for us at every meal,and introducing so many different Korean dishes! Without her we might just be eating kimchi chigae and like, bulgolgi every day. Here’s a run through some of the meals we had. a lot of it’s situated around haehwa where our hostel was.

1. Nakji Bokkeum (octopus stew) @ haehwa

korean octopus stew

our first meal when we arrived in seoul!

the start of an amazing gastronomic adventure (*cue dramatic music.)

2. Sam gyup sal (BBQ beef & pork) @ hongdae

ok very normal but juicy goodness.
how could you miss this on any trip to korea?
they also have this vacuum thing to suck up the fumes so your clothes and hair don’t stink after!

3. sam gye tang (ginseng chicken soup) @ gyeong bok gong

(they’re wishing on a wishbone, so cute hor my friends.)

ruth swears this is the best ginseng chicken soup she’s ever had in the whole world.

directions from ruth:

go to Gyeongbokgong MRT station, exit 2, walk straight until you see GS25 then turn left.
if you get lost, blame her.

and indeed it was JAM NICE. milky soup with a ginseng taste that’s not too overpowering, and really really tender chicken stuffed with glutinous rice. yum.

4. makgeoli @ haehwa
(& random dishes we had)

seafood pancake (it’s usually flat though)

NO idea what this is. like some spaghetti thing with kimchi-bolognaise-ish sauce

the highlight of this meal though, was the makgeoli, which is a korean rice wine that’s sweet and very pleasant to drink. and also very cheap. and also i didn’t take any pictures of. pictured above in white specs is Jun, one of them working at Bong House, who kindly brought us to this place and taught us some drinking games. hurhur.

token photo of said makgeoli. comes in bottles too. (photo taken from kpopislandrocks)

5. naeng myeon (冷面) / cold noodles @ haehwa

perfect for a hot day! the soup is cold, slightly sour but oh so refreshing. noodles are extremely chewy.

lol. u have to cut your own noodles.

6. jim dak (chicken stew) @ daehakro
*but it’s a franchise called an dong jim dak. so you can find it anywhere.

korean chicken stewTO. DIE. FOR. super savoury chicken tts soaked in super tasty broth, sweetened with onions, carrots, cucumbers and potatoes.
i know i make such a bad food blogger but i can’t even describe it’s awesomeness. 是非笔墨所能形容的。D:

gone 😥

7. chicken & beer @ everywhere. my korean friend suhyeon says, everywhere.


1 kind of unhealthy.
chicken and beer joints are pretty popular all around seoul, seems like a good place to hang out after work.

we had another dose of chicken and beer at someplace near our hostel (not a franchise). much better! tastier and more tender. w/ onion and bbq sauce. (@ haehwa)

8. Bibimbap @ PNU area (Busan)
*from a franchise called wu zhong.

alright so it’s a well-known korean dish…


9. Bonjuk (korean porridge) @ Busan / everywhere, my korean friend suhyeon say one. but this one i don’t believe…

(L: beef & octopus porridge, R: octopus & kimchi porridge)
LOVE THIS TOO! unlike chinese porridge which tends to be pretty bland, korean porridge is packed with a punch of flavour. (it’s like soup with rice.) and paired with the side dishes (kimchi, cured beef?, and chilli paste) it just tastes like heaven.

10. Korean Hot Plate Rice. (bulgogi chul pan bokkem bab) @ haehwa

at first, it’s like eating pork stew.

BUT THEN the imo comes and dumps RICE! and SEAWEED! and KIMCHI! into the wonderfully cooked broth (leftovers can be seen at the bottom of the pic, next to my tissue paper.)

omg, a wokful of yummy.


11. Korean Sashimi 

we had our meal of korean sashimi at a wet-market-like place near Gwangalli beach in Busan.

ikr, the creature on the top left looks damn disgusting.

but it was actually the most palatable thing on this plate of nasty.

some sort of flatfish.

L: fresh flatfish flesh (hahaha! say that 10x really fast.)
R: fresh minced eel meat
about 100 times less nasty than our “appetizers”

and the star of the meal…

a video of the eating process: http://www.facebook.com/v/10150641945465092

definitely the fresh octopus. which was actually the yummiest of the lot.

mmmkay besides that we ate loads of snacks and street food too, but i’ll save that for another post! the verdict on korean food? they send fireworks of tastiness to your mouth. and leave your tummy very happy. NUFF SAID. HAPPY LUNCHING Y’ALL!!

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