Cat Cafés in Seoul

Be warned: this post contains many pictures of kittehs.

Our FYP group (Jan, Ruth and I) headed off to Seoul and Pusan as a treat to ourselves after all we’ve been through together. (dramatic much?)

Jan and I are huge cat fans. (we slowly influenced Ruth) and so we couldn’t miss visiting the cat cafés in Seoul!

On our first day, we visited Giocat at Myeong Dong. They had a good range of about 20 cats in there, all generally well natured and sleepy, save for a few curious or aggressive cats.

When you first get there you’re expected to take off your shoes and sanitize your hands. Then you pay about 8000 won for a drink and you get to spend as much time as you want in the company of feline friends. Of course there’s a bunch of rules to adhere to – no flash photography, no straws for cats, no waking sleeping cats, smacking cats or pulling of tails…

Giocat cafe sign

no idea what it says, but the cats look welcoming!

cats coming to greet us!

the many cats. mostly sleepy.

a cat on Jan
another cat on Jan

a cat on Ruth.

So yes some cats do like climbing on backs. If you’re planning on visiting a cat cafe it’s best to go wearing something thick!

monster kitteh vs tiny kitteh

mad happy cos my cat never sleeps on my lap!!! WHYYY

jan also basking in kitteh lovin’

pretty pretty cat!

yes i know i look terrible here but it’s SHOCKED CAT!!

and here’s us and a grumpy cat.

oh yes. the coffee. was pretty good.

the cats think so too.

Giocat café was a nice place to hang out with cats, there were enough attention seeking cats and lap cats to keep us entertained, I think we sat there for about 2 hours. Jan and I have cats that don’t give us enough attention so it was a nice change.

Another cat café we visited was aptly named… cat café; situated near our hostel in Hyehwa.

they basically had much prettier cats (cept for the sphynx.. it was rather naked and scary looking…) and less cats. however, because they allowed people to buy snacks for the cats, patrons of the cafe were just bribing them with kitty snacks, and if you didn’t have any, you would just be left very sad and neglected. :C

after we sort of gave up on trying to catnap some cats to play with, we were sitting on the table with our drinks when 2 sleepycats came seeking refuge from the other active humans – a pretty cat, and a smooshy faced cat. (see above) we molested them for a bit before leaving them to rest.

the verdict on cat cafés? quite an experience! between the two i’d recommend giocat, where the cats are generally more manja. it’s a great experience for cat lovers and people who are neutral to cats, they’re generally non-intrusive so it’s not like you’d run the risk of an attack. it’s rather relaxing to cat-watch or have a cat fall asleep on your lap. generally a great place to chill out, go on a date… or stalk some kittehs.

would this work in singapore?

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3 thoughts on “Cat Cafés in Seoul

  1. hey there.. i just found ur post here..
    I LOVE cats. And im planning to pay a visit to the Gio Cafe.
    Is it hard to find the location? Cos i’m going there on my own since i’m there for school.

    • it’s kind of in a building at the end of an alley – you have to look out for the sign! it’s situated near a slope, opposite a playground of sorts which has many wooden makeshift stores lining it…

      i know it sounds vague, but i hope it helps!

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