what are you passionate about?

a question that Pat asked me once… I think I stumbled through an answer.

I DON’T KNOW, really…

is that queer?

Attended a talk/seminar/publicity thing by DBS today that featured some of Singapore’s entrepreneurs:

  1. Celeste Chong from The Butter Factory
  2. Li Lihui, founder of Thirtythree Private Limited (brought in Marble Slab Creamery, Maggie Moo’s Ice Cream and Treatery)
  3. Elfaine Tan, creator of FR3B / The Sample Store
  4. Willin Low, founder of Wild Rocket, Relish and Burger Bench and Bar
  5. Gillian Tan, founder of Munkysuperstar Pictures and Clicknetwork.tv
Great panel. Correct me if I’m wrong but I think in SG we have so much pressure to find and settle with a stable job; working for someone thus not having to worry about the business model / the bottom line / what have yous. It was inspiring to meet a bunch that were willing to step out of the mould and pursue something that they truly wanted to do. Seems like it’s not enough just to identify a market gap and meet it — the key to success was doing what you were passionate in, or convicted about, sometimes triggered by setbacks. I really wanted to find out what THE turning point was – what it was that made them put their feet down and take the bold step forward, to shoulder the burdens of their own businesses. (But. I didn’t get to ask my question. :C)
Dance for Japan was my little foray into entrepreneurship. It wasn’t so much a decision on my part to see it through, though there were many who believed in it as I did, there were so many others who didn’t; who questioned motives and dissuaded the team, and so many things I had on my plate at that point in time. As much as I was doubtful and unsure of the whole thing, I was blessed with friends that came in as partners, I suppose, to compliment my weaknesses.
Looking beyond the project, I wonder what it is that will drive me. I know that the end goal has to be beyond me, I know that I want to make an impact on the lives that need change, I know what I don’t want to do… but I think I’m still grasping at what I really want to do; and in the meantime, going with the ebb and flow of things.
And as much as creative expression is important to me, it’s different when it becomes a career, when people commission you for things or pay for things. I don’t think that’s the career path that’s right for me… what if I get burnt out?
what drives you?
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