On GE2011 & social media

I’ll start off by saying that even though I didn’t get a chance to vote this year, I appreciated the role social media played in this year’s GE.

2011 marks the first time many, especially those in my age group, get to vote this year. I used to think the greater population would be as apathetic as I was; but was fortunately proven wrong. As much as I didn’t want to read about politics, a myriad of voices appeared on my Facebook and Twitter feeds, forcing an apathetic individual like me to be more informed about the shortfalls of the government, dissenting views, and strengths of the opposition. I appreciated the educated discourse that was going on on Facebook; many of my own peers wrote notes that backed opinions with hard facts; some humorously satirical, but I enjoyed reading them. I think this greatly improved transparency and propelled better educated votes.

Some good pieces:

Regardless of the election outcome, I am worried for Singapore” – Lee Seng Wai

Which maid to choose?” – Ming Lee Lim

I also very much enjoyed watching the “Now You Know – Election Special” hosted by Irene Ang on clicknetwork.tv and of course Mr. Brown‘s “The Stall Next Door

Dissenting votes are now heard and recorded, and I hope the PAP takes time to listen in and improve on the raised points – they don’t have much excuse not to.

Hopefully they now understand the importance of social media and the part it plays in Singapore’s politics; and that they ramp up their own social media strategies – it obviously hasn’t been going well for them.


Tin Pei Ling admits ‘honest mistake’: it was my admin who posted snide remark about Nicole Seah” – The Temasek Review

PAP banner ad, PAP Marine Parade Facebook calls commenter “ignorant”, Cynthia Phua tweeting in 3rd person and of course, the “#butwhy” fiasco ft Pat Law (all recorded by Mr. Brown)

Definitely could do with being more personal – granted you can get people to manage your platforms for you, but they should reflect your voice; and perhaps certain processes and policies should be set in black and white can help reduce the amount of adverse messages put across, which evidently can result in serious backlash.

So, as apathetic as I was, I’m currently in my hall room now without a TV, following a live stream at http://www.ge.sg. Tried following the hashtag #sgelections today but it was moving too fast – tweedeck still says my tweet stream is still “being throttled”, but it’s been exciting. We even got trending worldwide for a bit. sg pride right there. Twitter provided on the ground updates – much based on hearsay, but provided more up to date info if you filtered it out right. Still awaited the official results from CNA.

This is definitely 100x more exciting than NDP. Or American Idol results.

Personally, it’s a pity to see Mr George Yeo and Mr Chiam See Tong (but yes, he deserves to retire lah) leave. And that the seemingly formidable Nicole Seah didn’t get a seat. (Instead, TPL did…) For these losses I hope that PAP experiences some sort of paradigm shift, and proves that it are worthy of the support given.

So now that results are (more or less) out, I suppose many might agree to disagree, BUT HEY! Guess who the big winner and rising superstar of tonight is…

…MR YAM AH MEE, RETURNING OFFICER EXTRAORDINAIRE! Please, how can you deny his allure. He has managed to garner 22K (and growing!) likes in less than 3 hours. WHO CAN BEAT THAT. You must check out his fan page, it is really FTW.

Alright damn hungry already. Hopefully I can get back to studying. Oh yes please wish yo mamas happy mamas day! 

p.s. I don’t understand how SO MANY VOTES CAN GET VOIDED??? Seriously guys? Heard some draw pictures, some write essays, some cross more than one, some even cross the one they don’t want. :\

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