on finishing my final semester


i loved the process, loved my FYP mates, thank God that i went through this journey with them.

so I moved back to hall and tried my best to eat healthy, but today i cheated and ate char kway teow. i was doing fine the past 2 days okay –

it’s also been a damn painful process trying to study a subject that is alien and dry.

today i got so bored i started braiding my hair, damn bimbo.

it’s called the fishtail braid; mashimaro is clinging on to my bangs cos i shy.

i also made brunch today. and learnt that the easy way to poach eggs is to use cling wrap. but it also gives you a really ugly looking egg.

the ugly egg is above the sausages. (in case you couldn’t tell)
kenny was v amused that the tomatoes looked like the sausages, “different colour only”.

a bit overdone. but a semi-done runny yolk is still yummy nonetheless.

i also learnt that dale is the more hamsup looking chipmunk, with the red nose.
(these were gifted from Saku and Nessie on my 21st bday)

btw i’m using an app called mei tu xiu xiu, it’s free. and exciting.

i have slowly been ramping up on job search efforts, will continue in full force after the 10th.

it is scary to think that im gonna be stuck at that place for a long time. so i am trying to find a place with the best fit.

it is also quite exciting to be wearing a graduation gown soon, and taking family portraits! we’ve never taken one with ahma. also, by that time, my dad would be graduating with his masters in nutrition. and my bro with his masters in wealth management. PHUA EDUCATION FTW!!

i have decided that my 2 favourite classical pieces of music are:


ALSO, tmr i don’t get to vote, because we’ve been zoned to Tanjong Pagar.

that is all.

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my name is steph. i love cute fluffy things and dancing. my interests include advertising, public relations and internet marketing. i hate writing about myself.

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