to every broken hearted girl

I wish you would stop running back to this jerk just cos he’s stuck around long enough to become part of your routine. the more you do it, the more he’s going to take you for granted. you’re beautiful, and you really deserve someone who won’t let this up for anything else in the world, even when he’s angry, or drunk, or things just aren’t doing great between the both of you.  Letting go is hard, especially if he has become part of your life and every detail reminds you of him, but finding a new life is a refreshing change that you need – so pry yourself off the floor and move on.

learning to let go, and finding yourself is exhilarating and emancipating and highly underrated.

find love in all the right places; rediscover that beauty in life, that confidence in yourself, get back in touch with the friends around you that appreciate you for you, do the things you love doing, do the things you’ll never do with him, do something crazy that makes you laugh. prove to yourself that you’re fine without him – you’re more than fine. you’re happy. you’re better off.

it’s a long process if you truly loved. but an essential one. so do it, then wait, and be patient, for someone worth waiting for and who will never hurt you the way he did.

and things will be okay 🙂 i promise.

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