On being blessed

Good things have been coming to me, and I really have to thank the Lord for all these blessings.
Within this month I’ve been within the top 10 for WCI (thanks to everyone!), top 22 dancers at O School recital, and hecks, today I’ve even won the book prize for having the best internship report, which came as a shocker because if some of you might recall I had deleted it off my thumbdrive on the day itself and had half a day to whip a new one up.

I really think I wouldn’t have been able to achieve whatever I have without the hand of God, without which I would just be your average apathetic jane.

I thank God for the new experiences and all the wonderful friendships I’ve made. I’m really happy even though I didn’t win WCI – I didn’t expect to anyway, competition was stiff and I had a shit interview (lol), but the whole process really made me aware of my strengths and weaknesses, and most importantly how many people cared enough for me to root for me.


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