3 basic traits of an effective Social Media Marketer

This post is authored for Duane Melius (@SENSE_media) as part of his application to be Standard Chartered Breeze’s World Coolest Intern (WCI). Because it’s pretty incongruent for me, as a fellow competitor, to do this, I thought I should issue a disclaimer: Duane has in no way bribed me to write this post. This post was initially intended to be published on Penn Olson but we found that it was too similar to Willis’s post on Sarah. Didn’t want to change the essence of it so I decided to post it here instead.

Don’t have that much of a readership Duane, but hope this works 🙂

There’s already been a lot of buzz about the competition around Penn Olson, especially since Sarah and I made it into the top 10, so I’m going to try to keep things concise by giving my take on what makes a good social media marketer, and yes, as Willis has kindly (and blatantly) plugged Sarah and I in many posts, I will do the same for Duane here by using him as an example of the qualities he has exhibited that proves his prowess in social media.

A good social media marketer should be:

1. Big on social causes

Google Duane Melius and you know he’s made his mark in the UK through his efforts of championing opportunities for youths. His company, SENSE Media, was established to give youth an opportunity to gain experience in the media industry. He’s also co-launched a national Youth Entrepreneurship Foundation that aims to equip young people to make a lasting positive impact on their world.
It’s obvious that Duane has a genuine passion to empower youth in society. That’s the social part he’s got pat down. SENSE Media is proof that he’s proficient in both traditional and online media as well. He’s got both the social and the media of social media covered. Such achievements also prove that he’s great at organizing events and establishing networks to activate others that believe in his cause.

2. Big on creativity

Duane steered away from what (most of) the rest of us did (including me) – a mere focus on blogs, Facebook and Twitter. Duane created a microsite, activated a select group of individuals to be on his campaign crew (i.e. using SCB’s tactic right back at them, smart move!), and was probably the only one amongst us to issue a press release which helped in SEO.
After meeting him in person you can tell that he has a head that’s constantly churning out ideas; and quality ones at that. He thinks out of the box, ‘nuff said. With many companies jumping on the social media bandwagon, it takes someone that’s more than creative to stand out amongst the clutter.

3. Big on learning

In case you haven’t heard, Duane is a school dropout. (But so was Einstein.) Everything he’s achieved serves as a testimony to his ability to pick up skills on his own – this includes photography, videography and writing.
The social media scene is one that’s ever changing. You could have a degree in communications or marketing, but it won’t prove that you’re up to date with technology. To be a successful social media marketer I believe you have to keep on learning (about everything, not just social media platforms), and learn well. Duane exhibits the ability to do just this.

Today, I’m putting aside the competitive spirit in me to do give Duane the credit he deserves. Hope the post has also shed light on some of the innate qualities an effective social media marketer should possess.
Results of the World’s Coolest Intern contest will be released on the 20th of November.

2 thoughts on “3 basic traits of an effective Social Media Marketer

  1. You are a legend for this post!

    Seriously though it takes a lot of character to do that so thanks!

    I’ve got some ideas 🙂 Would be good to meet up soon!

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