On… Speed baking

I love Daiso. Everything is like whimsical and useful and just $2.

A few weeks ago I bought this thing from Daiso:

It has no instructions in English okay, but it looked like you could just add an egg and microwave it for 1-2 mins and you could get a cake.

Please, how cool is this.

We had instant mee. Then instant porridge. Now, instant CAKE. D:

I present to you, my HUAT KUEH.

LOL! So I really just added an egg to the satchet of white powder, beat it in, and put it in a microwave for 1.5 mins. The batter took up like, 1/4 of the cup so I was expecting like a tiny cake. But yes, out popped this fluffy monster.

It tastes exactly like HUAT KUEH! (It’s a Chinese sort of cake that uhm, they usually offer to the gods.) Quite yums and not bad for instant cake lor? Plus inferring from the pics on the box you can add bananas for added awesome. I have one satchet left. Think I will add some bananas and milo powder. Sounds good?

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