On… reminiscing.

i miss enjoying hiro cakes, playing dress up, crayon shin chan, little lulu, that lollipop that comes with stuff that crackles in your mouth, catching tadpoles, cycling with grandma, those cracker things that were round and came in pastel pink, green and yellow, and yupi burgers.

and i will add to this list as more things from yesteryear hit me 🙂

XiaoStan (@mytaintedmind) adds:

Captain Planet. Ice Pops (I think that’s what they were called). Katcham Puteh. $5 movie tickets. Playgrounds… with sand in it.

Yes omg i really miss playgrounds with sand in it. nowadays kids get that pseudo sandy foamy stuff, no fun at all.

Yiwen (@yongyiwen) agress:

miss playgrounds with sand and swings…

Hanna (@chocofy):

Playing at PEPSI COLA ONE TWO THREE at corridors of houses, and catching! oh and Magic Schoolbus series and of course the ice pops that were selling for 10cents last time. RIDE ON THE MAGIC SCHOOLBUS!

I didn’t like the PEPSI COLA game, it was an excuse for people to step on you right! I LOVED THE MAGIC SCHOOL BUS!!!

Lizzaeh (…@lizzaeh):

I love those pink wafer things too! The 20c salty animal crackers, 10c phallic yellow one, n choc Apollo wafer.

Simi 10c phallic yellow one hello… what have you been eating??? lol. yes yes animal crackers i rmb!!! and apollo wafer, i still eat. $1 from ny mart.

Rasyida (@ellasyda):

Ding Dang/Tora chocolates where you can find the toys inside the box too.

I actually never had this. Pitcher pls.

-edit: here is the pitcher:-

Jamuna (@crazedtemptress):

ice batu. drawing hopscotch along corridors. swings. mamak shops where the uncle knows your whole life story.

I don’t think the fella at the mamak shop knew my life story leh. and this ice batu, never had also, pitcher pls. only know ice kacang…

Brenda (@brendachoo):

30¢ pencil ice-cream, macho mee (like mamee but better!) & bus rides with my grandma on the old sbs buses after child care classes!

I rmb 30c pencil ice cream too! but never tried macho mee??? i don’t even remember what old sbs buses were like… got fare ticket right…

ok liz has also provided this awesome album from this awesome fb group : http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=14416925423

in it, you will see the phallic corn thing.

One thought on “On… reminiscing.

  1. i miss the hopscotch and five-stones. And also, the running away from the scary dental nurse.

    I miss the 50c noodles and the 20c salty chicken and animal biscuits too. And the chocopies.

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