On Indonesia.

It’s easy to gripe about the haze and occasional Orchard Road flood when everything else is going fine in Singapore. Face it, we’re spoilt. We’ve never been hit by any tragic disasters.

In case you’ve been too caught up with life to notice, natural disasters have struck Indonesia.

Tsunami hit Mentawai islands

  • >13K homeless
  • >400 dead
  • Lack of aid and infrastructure

Source: The Jakarta Post

Source: MSNBC


Eruption of Java’s Mount Merapi volcano

  • Approx. 40 dead – including a 2-month old baby
  • 53K evacuated, including elderly and farmers that refused to leave their livestock and livelihood
  • Increasing volcanic activity
  • Lava dome could unleash deadly gases and debris if it collapses.

Source: MSNBC

So friends, this is why we’ve been encouraged to pray for Indonesia. Spread the word, ignorance isn’t cool. (#prayforindonesia)


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