On trying to be… World’s Coolest Intern

So I’m running for The World’s Coolest Intern & here’s my entry:

click click click click click

StanChart is on the lookout for the ‘World’s Coolest Intern’ to join the Breeze mobile banking team at Standard Chartered Bank (Singapore). Read more at: http://breeze.standardchartered.com/blog


  • Learning from some of the best in the business:
    Qais Consulting – on Strategic Social Media Activation
    Edelman – on PR
    JamiQ – on Social Media Analytics
    Christophe Langlois from Visible Banking – on Social Media specific to Finance/Banking
    and Pat Law (GOODSTUPH) – on social influence marketing.
  • They’re paying $5,000 / month. For your all-rounded training. How much more awesome can this get.

So I’ve sussed out my competitors:

The right people who’ve got their SEM working for them are –
(Basic requirement – show up when someone searches for “World’s Coolest Intern”)

Jeremy Ko – a junior from my school!!! WKWSCI pride!

YL Tan – (who’s gonna wear a meat dress if she wins!) runs a social media marketing agency called Wildberry Enterprise

Ding Neng – who seems to be a thought leader in MLM, has written e-books and recorded training videos for MLM. Has done a pretty kickass promotional video.

When it comes to technical know-how and experience, these people definitely win hands down, and I truly admire that about them. I’ve only had less than a year’s experience in using social media for business communications, but the little that I’ve had has made me hungry for more.

You’re probably wondering why my ad isn’t there. Not gonna lie, still a nooblet learning about the nitty gritty with Adwords. The first mistake I made was to have the same keywords within my different ad groups. I’m still trying to up my cred, and I’m still learning! Hopefully it appears soon.

The right people who’ve got it working for them on Twitter:
(Basic requirement: use #worldscoolestintern & #WCI hashtags)

@SENSE_Media – now THIS guy. is a force to be reckoned with. If I had to pick anyone from the competitors I’ve seen to win, Duane Melius would be the guy. He’s done so many things right – getting other people to root for him (he even has his own team of marketers), he’s got a strong portfolio, visuals are great… the only reason why he wouldn’t fit the bill? I don’t know. Strongest contender, I would say.

@dpm_licious – like her video pitch

@audrey_ooi – I really like what she’s doing on her blog – cataloguing her process. AND she seems cute. +500 points! lol

@farah_sidek – am liking her first deck on slideshare!

Somehow the people utilising Twitter seem to have more personality.

Now you’re probably wondering why I’m giving my competitors free publicity. I think the campaign approach I’m taking is starkly different, and it’s really interesting to look at the different personalities taking part in this contest, and the different approaches they’re adopting.

I’ve chosen Facebook as a platform for various reasons:

  • Instead of telling you in your face that I’m a good communicator / a people person / am in tune with social media, I’d rather show you how I do it. And hopefully I do it well enough to convince people to support me as well.
  • It’s easy to upload pics, videos, links and such there.
  • I’m trying to build a community of supporters, and with Facebook, it’s easy to update them all at once.
  • While people engage on the page, they spread the word as well, within their own Facebook networks.
  • It’s easy to track increase in Likes and Engagement
  • It’s a good platform to reach my TA: friends and people in my age group
  • You get to have a sneak peak into my life if you take a look at my personal Facebook account.


Here’s my video pitch!

4 thoughts on “On trying to be… World’s Coolest Intern

  1. Isn’t being in a competition just so full of paradox?

    But World’s Coolest Intern aside for one moment, this blog post tells me that you know the value of kindness. And that is cool. No doubt about it.

    I thought about how cool it would be to have a #WorldsCoolestIntern meetup/party for all of the competitors after the competition. Maybe, lah. Perhaps even the Top 10 candidates could all be part of a Breeze campaign team after the competition!

    Interesting post. Made me think a little about the similarities between campaign marketing and politics.

    • Hello Duane! Yeap! You said it right! I think regardless of the results, there should be a meetup/party for all the contestants yea! 🙂 That would probably be the Coooolest event for StanChart I believe 🙂
      Hey Stoofi! Thanks for featuring me too 🙂 Let’s all squeeeze into top 20 together! 🙂


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