On hunger.

Chanced upon this picture on flickr, and it’s heartbreaking to say the least.

I think it’s so ironic that while globesity is happening, there are people dying of hunger, every day, in parts of the world that the media doesn’t reach.

Instead, affluent societies that really should be transferring some wealth over are being bombarded with images and messages to spend more, buy and acquire more, eat more. While mass media casts a global eye on pop stars and politicians, these voices – the true voices of those that need help – go unheard. Does it really take a disaster to hit these countries before some attention can be shed on them?

Every 3.6 seconds, a person dies of hunger. 75% of them are children. Every 5 seconds, a mother loses a child. Everyday, hundreds die while we live our lives ignorantly. Every single day we choose to do nothing to change this.

I’m slightly ashamed of myself.

Friends, this is my call to action: here’s a legit way of making a difference – the hunger site donates 100% of sponsor money to charity (there are many other causes that you can click for as well). It won’t cost you a single cent, and will only take a few seconds.

The Hunger Site

Bookmark and click every day


pray for the needy!

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