A series of unfortunate events.


Let me tell you why I am having a bad day.

Nothing serious or fatal.

  • Last night I had to sit through a long and painful and rather unfruitful meeting
  • Then I had to sit through a meeting about that meeting
  • Then my wheel was clamped, because I was parking illegally due to the carpark being full. In my hall and the next hall’s.
  • I fell while walking to school and scraped my foot and knee
  • While I was bleeding through a gaping hole in my foot I had no tissue paper. The strangers around me similarly, had no tissue paper.
  • I had a dizzy spell and broke out in cold sweat in class. And nobody offered help, because they thought I was just sleepy.
  • I just bought chicken rice and of all parts of the chicken they gave me breast meat ok I dislike this meat. It is dry and tasteless.

This concludes my streak of bad encounters thus far. Hopefully this ends soon.

One thought on “A series of unfortunate events.

  1. Cheer up Stooff. Upside is now you have an amusing tale of woe to share on cold lonely nights when there’s awkward silence in the room.

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