What is a stooffi?

Honestly, I don’t know how stooffi came about. A childhood friend had called me that once, and it stuck. My msn email add was stooffi, and for lack of creativity my twitter handle (and now blog add) is stooffi. soon everyone on my contact list was calling me stooffi. My internship supervisors call me stooffi. Colleagues call me stooffi. I get introduced in MJ (our dance club) as stooffi. You get the idea.

It’s not like I’m terribly disturbed by it – in fact in makes things easier because it feels like a term of endearment; it automatically makes conversations less formal and more personal. People find it fun to say, and I’m happy being greeted by good morning stooffi or parting with goodnight or goodbye stooffi.

It just gets slightly strange when people I’d just met refer to me as stooffi. Or people in more senior positions. Like slightly awkward lah.

But anyway go ahead call me stooffi. Stoof. Stooffiwoofie. Whatever works. Feel free to work with different permutations. I’m not fussy. 🙂

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