She was relegated to emcee the concert she put blood sweat and tears in due to a torn ligament. As I sat beside her backstage, I could tell she longed to be on stage, not speaking, but dancing. And I could tell she belonged there as well. It’s not that she made a bad emcee – in fact she was making me look bad. But just through her upper body language, through the movements of her mere fingers, she was telling the very same story the able-bodied dancers on stage were telling – with an energy and fervor that matched or even surpassed theirs. She shone in the dark little corner we were waiting at, and as the audience watched the performers on stage, my gaze couldn’t help but be fixated on her.

Wu Ying Ying, my heart goes out to you. You either really belong on stage, or the stage belongs to you. You have my utmost respect; I enjoy watching you dance even when you’re just marking steps backstage. I admire your passion and determination… coupled with talent, you’re definitely going far. Wishing you a speedy recovery, hope your body gets to portray what your heart wants it to soon. 😉

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