damn this blog has been neglected!

after coming back from the lankas i’ve been busy settling into school and rehearsing for the suntec dance competition (finals are tmrw at 5pm at the fountain, come if you’re free!)

this sem’s mods are pretty heavy, filled with project work D: plus i’m just bordering at 2nd lower, i can smell my 2nd upper already (ok ikr, so underachieving). i vow to cut down on dancing and try my best to push my GPA up!!!

in other news, i’m now in hall 16. it has aircon and i have a mini fridge and that makes me happy already.

here is a picture of @DickSwagger, swagging in my room. it’s a single room and it’s kinda tiny.

also, please meet my ke ai fridge

also this is my damn awesome all girls crew. first time dancing with them as a team but it’s really be inspiring so far, forcing me to push my limits in dance.

i am tired so this is quite a lousy update. sorreh. i will do better next time, promise.

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