Sri Lanka thus far

photo stolen from @DickSwagger

so. wifi isn’t very rampant here, not gonna go into great details. the attractions we’ve been to in sri lanka are pretty amazing, but i think we’ve spent more time travelling from one attraction to another than at the attractions themselves. view from the bus: dusty roads, random cows, dogs, horses, birds, lizards, monkeys, squirrels and turtles, random locals waving.

typical view from the bus… if i’m awake.

cooling off amongst water lilies

the horizon isn’t littered by any high-rise buildings, and most places are untainted by urbanization. i haven’t quite decided if it’s a good thing or not. this means tourist attractions are rather hard to access, and they aren’t optimized for tourists… there aren’t signs that offer photos and descriptions of relics, and most locals can’t speak English. it doesn’t help that Sinhalese is impossible to figure out. on the other hand, the lack of tourists is something to be celebrated – we won’t have to jostle with hordes of people. the most we’ve seen were at Sigiriya. An impressive ruin in itself, but honestly i nearly died a few times climbing the many stairs. it’s like a massive rock with nothing but stairs leading to the top.

me sitting happy on the rock.

Cameron and Stanley. re-enacting a scene from the Lion King.

the gang cooling off in front of a very rare supermarket

5-6 more days to go, still on the schedule: herb garden, botanical garden, tea plantation, leopard chasing and factory outlet shopping.

on another note, the iphone4 has arrived in mah house. FINAHLEHS.

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