-3.5 hrs to the airport. it is raining cats, dogs, monkeys, gorillas and serpents, if it rains like that in sri lanka i will like, take an umbrella and whack the sky. no, really. i was going to head out to the nearest fairprice to get cup noodles (i might die from an overdose of curreh) and AAA batteries for my vqentry, if it continues raining at this rate i highly doubt that would happen.

so i’m gonna be bringing my netbook along to record daily happenings and discoveries. here in this blog. sri lanka isn’t just filled with tamil tigers guys, and it’s also not part of india. it’s a place filled with rich culture, tea, and beautiful beaches. ikr, what a combination lol. honestly i haven’t read up on much, just gonna take it all in as it comes along.

here’s a photo of a beach in sri lanka for good measure.

A beach

oh yeah many of you have been asking why i’m headed for sri lanka, of all places. 12 of us from wkwsci are going to tour lanka, all expenses paid, as part of a course. when we’re back we’re gonna be split into 2 groups, and we’re gonna get cracking on a tourism campaign, develop it, pitch it to the folks at the tourism bureau, and one of the teams is gonna earn some crazy street cred. sounds like something off a reality tv show right? pretty cool la imo. plus it’s an experience that’s paid for. why not?

the wonderful bb curve that i purchased from the 2nd hand hp shop located right in front of the stairs at FEP does not charge via the wall charger (again). i was majorly pissed off because 1. they sold me a faulty phone 2. they took forever to fix it 3. it is not fixed. naturally, gave the guy some feedback over sms. his reply? “don’t emo lah” wah seh seriously ok can. way to go. so hopefully can get it charged via plugging it into the netbook, or one of my techie family members has an extra usb adapter lying around somewhere. if i manage to get a local prepaid sim + dataplan, will be tweeting on the go. why so onz? we’re gonna get graded on this, wanna record everything i can. plus sri lanka’s not a common place to go, u guys can live vicariously through me 🙂

gonna miss my CATTTT.



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